Cold Brew vs. Wallet: Why Is Cold Brew More Expensive?

Cold Brew vs. Wallet: Why Is Cold Brew More Expensive?

Why Is Cold Brew More Expensive Than Regular Coffee? Find Out the Surprising Reasons Behind the Price Tag!

Why is Cold Brew More Expensive Than Regular Coffee?

If you've ever compared the price of cold brew to regular coffee in a coffee shop, you might have noticed that cold brew can be quite a bit more expensive. But why is that? As a coffee lover and aficionado, I've done some research and discovered a few reasons.

Firstly, the process of making cold brew is more time-consuming and requires more coffee grounds. While a hot pot of coffee can be brewed in just a few minutes, cold brew takes several hours of steeping to extract the desired flavors and caffeine. Additionally, because the grounds are steeped in cold water, a higher ratio of coffee is required to achieve the same level of flavor as a hot brew. This means that more coffee grounds are needed to make the same amount of cold brew as regular coffee.

Another reason for the higher cost of cold brew is the type of coffee beans used. While many coffee shops use high-quality, specialty-grade beans for their cold brew, the beans used for regular coffee may be lower quality or less expensive. This difference in the quality of the beans used can affect the overall cost of the coffee.

Lastly, the packaging and serving methods for cold brew can also contribute to the higher cost. Many cold brews are sold in bottles or cans, which require additional packaging and labeling costs. Additionally, some coffee shops may serve cold brew on tap, which requires expensive kegs and equipment.

So, the higher cost of cold brew is due to the more time-consuming brewing process, higher ratio of coffee grounds, use of higher quality beans, and additional packaging and serving costs. While it may be pricier than regular coffee, many people find the unique flavors and smoothness of cold brew to be well worth the cost.  If you want to skip the lines and higher prices, give Woah Cold Brew pouches a try for affordable and delicious cold brew at home!

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